When it comes to the power of praising God, the Bible is full of examples of how praise can change things. In Psalm 22:3, for example, David says that “Praising God is a powerful weapon.” And he’s right – praise can be incredibly powerful. It can unite people and strengthen relationships. It can also give people a sense of purpose and peace. Praise brings about tremendous power and ushers God into any situation.

Woman standing in field worshipping god.

What it is and why we do it

Praise is a form of worship that involves thanking God for all that he has done. It is a way of showing our appreciation for everything he has orchestrated in our lives. We praise God because he is good and worthy of praise. He has given us everything we need, and we are grateful for his provision.


The power of praise

Praise sent up to God is a powerful way to connect with him and show our gratitude. When we come together to praise him, it creates a sense of unity and strengthens the bonds between us. It also allows us to connect with the Lord, which can give us a sense of peace and purpose. Praise is a powerful weapon that can change things for the better.


The benefits of praising God

It can give them a sense of purpose and peace to an individual. God inhabits the praise of a person, and it builds them up from the inside out.

When people come together to praise God, it creates a sense of unity and strengthens the bonds between them. It also allows people to connect with something larger than themselves.


Young man with eyes closed sitting against a wall.

Examples of how praise has been used in the Bible

In the Bible, praise has been used to change things in many different ways. One example is found in 2 Chronicles 20, when Judah was facing an army of thousands of soldiers. The Israelites were terrified, but Jehoshaphat led them in a time of praise and worship. As a result, the Lord spoke to them and gave them victory over their enemies.

Another example can be found in 1 Chronicles 29 when David led the people in a time of praise and thanksgiving after he had been made king. This praise caused God’s blessing to come down on David and his kingdom.


How to start praising God today

  • Thank God for all he has done for you.
  • Praise him for his goodness and grace.
  • Come together with other believers and praise God together.
  • Sing praise and worship songs to him.
  • Make a list of things you are grateful for, and praise God for each one.

When we praise God, it has a number of powerful effects on us. It can bring a group of Christians together and build them up internally. Essentially it allows them to become one with God. Praising God is one of the simplest but most profound things we can do to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. The enemy despises us when we praise the Lord. When we sing to Him, the spiritual realm gets charged up. It sets the enemy to flee in terror because the presence of the Lord is too much for him. Start praising God more than you already do, and watch him work wonders in your life.